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Oh boy, a lot. We’ll try to keep it brief here by using a fancy grid view.

Nutrional table

Yes, yes there are. And a meaningful amount, too. Each can of KRUSHWELL contains:

  • 151mg Potassium
  • 28mg Magnesium
  • 91mg Calcium
  • 55mg Sodium

Not so fast, my friend. We can’t claim we’ve solved the alcohol and dehydration challenge by adding these minerals—staying hydrated and monitoring your alcohol intake are still your best bets for curbing the next day blues.

Ahhhh, so you caught onto their marketing BS as well. These brands may not add any additional sugar into the drinks, but there is still sugar in them from the ingredients they choose to put in their drinks. Generally, these “No Added Sugar” drinks still have plenty of sugar from the fruit juice added into them. And usually that fruit juice comes from a concentrate that’s been processed.

Yup! Each can of KRUSHWELL is gluten free, keto friendly and made with all natural ingredients. There is zero sugar and zero sugar alternatives. Any sweetness you may taste comes from the natural flavors themselves.

The alcohol in most hard seltzers is made from fermented cane sugar. They are malt beverages so they are technically beers dressed up as seltzers. They are cheaper to make due to their ingredients which makes them cheaper to buy, too. You get what you pay for, I suppose.

KRUSHWELL is made with 100% 6x distilled vodka.

But the electrolytes don’t hurt and It’s just a way to keep us focused on our health and KRUSH our play time.

We give back a portion of our sales to local gyms to support them in taking care of our communities. It’s super important to us to give back to the communities that have given us so much. It’s simply the right thing to do. Giving back is in KRUSHWELL’S DNA.