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Crush Life and Celebrate Well:


While KRUSHWELL is  new to the market, its origins date back to 2013, when I first started CrossFit.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but my entrepreneurial journey began with solving my own problem: how do I balance my love for fitness with my love for social drinking?

Given the demands of work, family, and volunteering, the only time I had to workout was at 5:30am. I never wanted to miss a “WOD” (Workout of the Day)  nor did I want to miss the camaraderie with my fellow hustlers.

I also enjoyed  having a few drinks at night with friends and family every now and again.

I loved beer and wine, but they didn’t love me back and even a drink or two would affect my workout the next morning.

I started mixing flavored carbonated water, vodka and either an electrolyte or BCAA mix to make it interesting.  I named my concoctions, “BradFreshies” (my name is Brad, if you didn’t gather that, and the drinks are vibrant and fresh). It started off as a joke, but the name stuck. The BradFreshie made an appearance at most friendly gatherings I attended and I realized I felt a lot better the next day after having two BradFreshies compared to when I’d had two beers.

Fast forward to Summer 2020. With COVID as the backdrop,  I started to ask myself existential questions like “What is my purpose in life?”, “How can I best contribute to the world?”, and “I’ve always said I’m an entrepreneur, but I haven’t done anything meaningfully entrepreneurial?” 

I started to test out all the hard seltzers and spritzers coming into the local Northern California stores and thought…none of them tasted good and they all left a weird aftertaste. 

Every can looked the same. All the flavors were the same. No brand spoke to me or represented what I valued. My friends agreed, and playfully urged me to start the “BradFreshie Drink Company.” While we laughed about it, I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. So I went all in, quitting the corporate world to figure this out. 

Today we have KRUSHWELL, the game-changer in the world of drinks, where fitness meets flavor, and every sip supports a healthier future. 

Today we donate a portion of sales directly to local gyms to support them in taking care of our communities. As KRUSHWELL grows, we will set up a separate non-profit fund to take a portion of KRUSHWELL’s sales within the  $1.7T global alcoholic beverages market and dedicate it to advance human health through exercise and community support.